The Future of Interactive Design and the Web

23 04 2010

FutureWeb2010 Conference, Raleigh, N.C., April 29, 3:30-5 p.m.

Chair: David Burney, partner and chief executive officer at New Kind. Burney brings 30 years of experience building and leading creative services organizations. He was previously the vice president of brand communications and design at Red Hat, where he lead the company’s overall branding strategy. Burney was also the chief creative officer at Capstrat and chief designer at the North Carolina Museum of Art. He is a longtime member of AIGA, the professional association for design, of which he was the founding member and president of the Raleigh chapter.

Session Description: What does the future hold for marketing and communications now that the Web has made such a mess of things? Advertising? Branding? Strategy? Design? Communities and innovation? This panel will explore the likely directions we could be headed in the wide-open world of digital interactivity. The panel will aim to specifically isolate the key challenges and opportunities in the looming future for public health and the Web and it will work to identify some specific action steps that can be taken today to work for a better tomorrow.


  • Chris Grams

    Chris Grams, partner and president at New Kind. Grams is a builder of sustainable brands, cultures and communities in and around companies and organizations. He has over 15 years of experience, including 10 years at Red Hat, where he was senior director for brand communications and design and helped to expand the company. He also formerly worked for IBM for two years. View his blogs on brand, community and culture and open source and the future of business.

  • Steven Keith

    Steven Keith, an independent collaborator working with companies of all sizes on digital strategy. He was formerly an analyst with Morningstar Inc. in Chicago, and worked with a creative Internet engineering company, Gorilla Polymedia. Keith was the senior vice president for strategy on the digital team at Capstrat. His specialties include design thinking, online strategy and positioning, digital strategy for technology and entertainment. Follow Keith on Twitter at

  • Becky Minervino, VP and senior interactive strategist for McKinney advertising in Durham, N.C. She spearheaded Virgin Atlantic’s first mobile program, which won a Gold MIXX Award. Minervino is well known for her work for the MINI, deemed a “champion” of e-mail marketing best practices by Jupiter. She is also formerly of OgilvyOne, Circle and Beam. Follow Minervino on Twitter at
  • Keith Messick

    Keith Messick, vice president of marketing at Get Satisfaction, a community-based platform that helps companies engage their customers through open and transparent conversations that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Messick previously worked as the senior manager of product marketing and social media at SuccessFactors, as well as the director of sales and marketing at Corporate Executive Board. Messick specializes in sales and marketing, business and strategy development, human capital management and social media marketing. View his blog at

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