Bloggers: 21st century journalists?

7 04 2010

With the increase of online media presence and social media, professional journalism and citizen journalism may be converging closer together.

According to a study by PR Week and PR Newswire, 52 percent of bloggers surveyed consider themselves journalists. The study also revealed 91 percent of bloggers and 68 percent of online reporters “always” or “sometimes” use blogs for research through social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.  However, only 35 percent of newspaper and 38 percent of print magazine journalists surveyed use blogs or social networks for research purposes.

Twitter in itself has contributed a great deal to story research the study showed. According to PR Week and PR Newswire, 64 percent of bloggers and 36 percent of online reporters said they use Twitter as a research tool for stories. Only 19 percent of newspaper reporters and 17 percent of print magazine reporters said they use the Twitter as a resource for research.

According to Leena Rao with TechCrunch Magazine, TechCrunch relies “on other blogs for research even more than traditional news outlets.”

Rao also noted the magazine uses Twitter not just as a tool for breaking news but for evaluating customers’ opinions on a product or service.

The FutureWeb conference in Raleigh April 28-30 will feature a panel on The Future of the Media and the Web.

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-By Laura Smith




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