FutureWeb conference details update; Register soon if you want discount

11 03 2010

THE SCHEDULE FOR FUTUREWEB is nearly finalized, and dozens of Web experts, including leaders from Google, NTIA, Microsoft, IBM, EPIC, Red Hat, Lulu and more, will meet there to discuss the likely evolution of the Web and what it will mean for our social, political and economic future.

FutureWeb takes place April 28-30 in conjunction with the global WWW2010 conference at the Raleigh Convention Center. Attendees of FutureWeb are also allowed access to the 9 a.m. WWW2010 keynotes by Vint Cerf, danah boyd and Carl Malamud April 28-30. Three-day passes for FutureWeb range are priced at $195, $95 and $60 for those who register prior to March 25. For details, see http://futureweb2010.wordpress.com/register/


Vint Cerf speaks at a 2007 event in Bangalore. Flickr photo by Charles Haynes at http://flickr.com/photos/87232391@N00/398654704.

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, has been invited to participate in an April 28 public-interview session with Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Internet Project, and Danny Weitzner, leader with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The event will kick off FutureWeb activities. It will be followed by a similar interview session with Cerf, an Internet pioneer and Google vice president and a keynote on the future of the Web by Rainie.

On ensuing days of the conference, Rainie will also host open Q&A interview sessions with boyd, a social networks researcher with Microsoft and Harvard’s Berkman Center; “Cluetrain Manifesto” co-author Doc Searls; electronic privacy expert Marc Rotenberg; and Bob Young, a founder of Red Hat and Lulu.

Other FutureWeb panel and special session topics will include the following:

  • Privacy, a panel discussion led by Rotenberg (EPIC)
  • Intellectual property, organized by Dave Levine (Stanford CIS and Elon Law)
  • Social networks, organized by Fred Stutzman (ClaimID)
  • Entrepreneurship, organized by Tom Miller (NC State Entrepreneurship Initiative)
  • Open Source, featuring Michael Tiemann (Red Hat), Bob Sutor (IBM) and Chris DiBona (Google)
  • Core Values of the Internet, featuring Weitzner, among others
  • Media, organized by Paul Jones (ibiblio), featuring Searls, Dan Conover (Xark), and Michael Clemente (Fox News)
  • Web analytics, organized by Michael Rappa (Institute for Advanced Analytics)
  • Education, organized by Cathy Davidson (HASTAC-MacArthur Digital Media & Learning)
  • Interactive Design, organized by David Burney (New Kind)
  • The Future of Publishing – a keynote talk by Young, CEO of Lulu

“With amazing Web leaders like Cerf, Weitzner, Dibona, Sutor, Searls, Rainie, Young, Rappa and so many others, it is unbelievable that we are able to keep the conference admission price so low,” conference director Janna Anderson said. “Most conferences cost two to five times more to attend. We can do it because these Web leaders have generously agreed to donate their time. They believe that open information exchange is the best way to assess the likely future and then work toward making it the best it can possibly be.”

FutureWeb is being organized and hosted by Imagining the Internet, a project based at Elon University and partially supported by the Pew Internet Project. Anderson is director of the Imagining the Internet Center at Elon.

“We are planning to include audience participation at every session, opening the floor to questions and discussion with the speakers and panelists,” Anderson said. “If you’re planning to attend FutureWeb, come ready to get personally involved and help make a difference.”

FutureWeb2010 will also host a free one-day workshop event for area high school students – the Social Media Futures Academy led by the students, administrators and faculty of Elon University’s Interactive Media master’s program. For more information about it, see http://futureweb2010.wordpress.com/for-students-2/




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