FutureWeb 2010 conference boasts top names and interactive event

22 01 2010

The Raleigh Convention Center will be the hub of technology buzz at the end of April as the FutureWeb conference, co-located with the international WWW2010 conference, hosts top Internet experts and entrepreneurs. FutureWeb, April 28-30, is being led by Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center.

FutureWeb is bringing “smart people together to discuss future possibilities in order to be able to work toward the best future possible,” according to conference organizer Janna Anderson, director of Imagining the Internet.

The event will host Internet experts including Vint Cerf, danah boyd, Marc Rotenberg, Lee Rainie, Doc Searls, Chris DiBona, Michael Tiemann and Bob Young, among others who will lead discussions on the future of privacy, core values, web analytics and the media, to name a few.

Anderson said keynote speakers were chosen for their record of innovations their record of innovations with regards to the Internet: “Vint with his work with Google, his invention of the Internet protocol, Bob with his amazing innovation with Red Hat, and now with Lulu, which is a fantastic new publishing paradigm, and danah with her research into social networks and how they are changing our lives profoundly.”

Attendees will do more than just see these keynoters, however. They will interact with them. Anderson is expecting that participants in the conference will actively think ahead about the future of the Web even before the conference begins, arriving ready to participate in focused and valuable discussions of the trends that are likely to effect the social, political and economic future.

“It is going to be a highly participatory conference, that’s what collective intelligence is all about,” she said. “We are going to have a lot of smart people in the room, not just the people in the front of the room, but also involving the audience as much as possible; I don’t even want to call them ‘the audience,’ because everyone there will be equal as far as what they have to share and give,” she said.

The conference is targeted at business leaders, technology experts, marketers and students alike, and the conference’s low cost, with access for many set at less than $100, makes it a valuable event whether participants come for all three days or just one, Anderson added.

“This conference is for everyone, literally everyone can come, and that’s what we want to see,” she said. “We hope to have a very diverse group of participants who are interested in a lot of things,” Anderson said, adding that the FutureWeb conference, “cuts across all disciplines, it cuts across all interests, and it’s all about us as people moving forward with this amazing communications tool – where we’re going with it, what we’re doing and the positive and negative aspects that we can see in years ahead and how we are going to deal with those.”

Play the videos to hear what Janna Anderson has to say about FutureWeb and why the Raleigh Convention Center was selected for the event.

– By Kirsten Bennett




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